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Truckee Site Enrichment

The Enrichment Schedule for Fall 2016/2017 is available below!

Andelin Pumpkin Farm Trip

Enrichment sessions in the past have included hands-on science, hands-on math, explorations through history, art and more!

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Truckee Fall 2016 Enrichment

September 9, 2016 - January 20, 2017
No classes Oct. 21, Nov. 11, Nov. 25, Dec. 16

**Schedule is tentative and subject to change**
*updated August 31, 2016
Fridays 9:00 a.m-12:30 p.m.
TK/KindergartenLearning Block with Ms. Julie Glander- Truckee Rm.
Fridays 9:00-10:0010-10:1510:15-11:3011:30-12:1512:15-12:4512:45-2:15
K-1stMusic with Ms. Brooke ChabotSnack BreakArt with KindredScience with Ms. Renee GrennanLunchTall Tales (Lit. with writing) with Ms. Julie Glander
Fridays 9:00-10:1510:15-10:3010:30-11:4511:45-12:1512:15-1:301:30-2:30
2nd-3rdArt with KindredSnack BreakWriting with Ms. Liz BrownLunchScience with Ms. Liz BrownGarden Cooking with Ms. Liz Grayson
Fridays 9:00-10:1510:15-10:3010:30-11:4511:45-12:1512:15-1:301:30-2:30
4th-8thWriting with Ms. Liz BrownSnack BreakScience with Ms. Renee GrennanQuick Fit/LunchArt with KindredCoding with Code Tahoe
All StudentsNative Skills with Mr. Eli on Wednesdays, September 14-November 16
TK-Kindergarten Learning Block with Mrs. Glander: Students will explore math, art, and science through experiments, projects, reading circle, games, and songs.

K-1st Writing/Tall Tales from Around the World with Mrs. Glander: students will explore tall tales through geography, mapping, drama, and basic writing.

Art with Kindred K-1st, and 2nd- 3rd: Core Elements, an Inspire Study of the Creative World - focused on fine, lost and sustainable projects connected to color theory, traditional techniques in multiple mediums.

Art with Kindred 4th-8th: Content TBA

Science with Renee Grennan K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-8th: weekly themed hands on lessons that will incorporate medieval times, illusion, detective work, explorers and more! 4th-8th grade will explore more deeply principles of physical science, biology through Renee’s engaging labs. Renee’s summer Discovery Camps have a waiting list so, we are thrilled to have her share her talents with us during the school year!
Music Exploration with Brooke Chabot K-1st: Students will sing, dance and play a variety musical instruments. The music will represent a variety of tonalities, meters and cultures.

Creative Writing with Mrs. Brown 2nd-3rd, and 4th-8th: Content TBA

Tinker Lab 4th-8th: As a peer-led opportunity, students will explore the basics of coding/programing and the art of “tinkering” through games and open-ended projects. Bring your imagination and problem-solving skills. Items to explore will include Google Sphero, squishy circuits, creating with everyday items and more!

Native Skills with Mr. Eli: K-2 and 3rd and up will meet at separate times back to back in the afternoons at various locations around Truckee/Tahoe.

Download a copy here: Truckee Fall 2016 Enrichment Schedule (PDF)Download a copy of the Native Skills syllabus: Native Skills



Mr. E’s Primitive Skills Experience

Experience a journey through time for a hands-on museum style education with replicas of native tools and hunting weapons.  Respect and preservation of such cultural heritage treasures will be highly emphasized.  Weather permitting, classes will meet at outdoor locations so students can learn from our greatest teacher; Mother Nature.

*Students are encourage to have following field items: field journal (composition notebook or the like), pencil to make sketches/take notes of information, zip lock back for interesting finds, binoculars- if you have them.*

*Bring your curiosity and listening ears*

September 14: Introduction to Mr. E’s Primitive Skills Experience

Develop a personal relationship with the way of life of the Native People who lived in our area.  See and hold the kind of items used for everyday survival.

September 21: Petroglyph viewing on Donner Summit

Meet at Yuba Gap for a short walk to a well know rock art location and ancient living area.

September 28: Primitive Resources Quest!

Meet at Skylandia Park in Tahoe City to hunt for native rock rose cane “arrow shafts” for use in a future Primitive Skills class—also search for willow “quickie-bow” blanks and make your own replica “kid’s bow”.

October 5: Know Who or What Lives in Your Woods (all ages together)12:30-3:00

Meet at the pullout on Hwy. 267 – wildlife viewing area on west side of road.  Walk the Martis Valley interpretive loop and learn about native flora and fauna. Bring snacks, water, and a hat.

October 12: Spirit Animal Workshop

Identify which animal totems you are connected to and learn each one’s magical powers.

October 26: Let’s Rock

Meet at Truckee Regional River Park Amphitheater to learn about the stones, rocks, and minerals the Native people used.  Walk a short loop to some of Truckee’s own “grinding rocks” and “the Boca Mystery Ring”.

November 9: Finish Bow and Arrows/Nature Collage:

Fletch and paint your arrow and play accuracy games!  Create a personal masterpiece of seasonal color for your family to enjoy.

November 16: I’m Hungry! What Can I Eat?

Learn about what was on the menu for Native people.

Truckee Science

Science at the Truckee Site.

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