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Education Protection Account Spending Plan (EPA) and Common Core State Standards Implementation Plan (CCSSIP)

In accordance with The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012 (Proposition 30), enacted through voter approval on November 6, 2012, which temporarily increases state sales tax rate for every taxpayer and the personal income tax rates for upper-income taxpayers, Twin Ridges Home Study Charter School lists below its spending plan for these funds, which are deposited into a new state account known as the Education Protection Account (EPA).

According to the language of Proposition 30, each Local Education Agency (e.g. each county, district or charter school) “…shall have sole authority to determine how the moneys received from the Education Protection Account are spent in the school or schools within its jurisdiction, provided, however, that the appropriate governing board or body shall make these spending determinations in open session of a public meeting of the governing board or body and shall not use any of the funds from the Education Protection Account for salaries or benefits of administrators or any other administrative costs.” Additionally, Proposition 30 stipulates that all districts, counties and charter schools report the amount of money received through EPA and on what that money was spent. Proposition 30 Spending (PDF)EPA Resolution No. 1415-106(PDF) EPA Resolution NO. 1617-101 (PDF) EPA Resolution NO. 1617-102 (PDF)

For more information on the Education Protection Account, visit the California Department of Education’s website.

CCSS Implementation Plan (PDF)

Common Core Curriculum EPA (PDF)


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