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Thank You! Happy Summer!

Happy End of the School Year, TRHS!

Thank you for allowing us to serve your students this year; we are very excited about school year 17/18.

If you have not completed your registration, please complete it as soon as possible so we may reserve your spot. If your student is moving to another program, though we are always sad to say goood-bye, please let us know so we may offer the spot to a student on our waiting list. We anticipate full enrollment in the 2017-18 school year.

The TRHS office will be open throughout the summer but closed the week of the 4th of July. Please call us if you visit in the summer so we will be here to greet you! And please do visit! School is a little lonely without kids!

School year 17/18 starts the 17th of August. You will hear from your teacher that week.

Stay tuned over the summer by joining the TRHS parent group on Facebook and the TRHS Facebook page. Keep up with parent-arranged and community activities throughout the summer.

We are always happy to hear from you! Do call or email if you have an idea or have feedback for us.

Thank you, TRHS Community! OUR community. Happy Summer!

Thank you for allowing us to serve your children and participate in your family’s educational experience.

Live long and prosper,


End of the Year 16/17

Hello, families!

This school year has flown by!

Keep in touch over the summer!

Now here is a brief rundown on what’s going on:

  • June 3rd TRHS after Hours Party 4-8pm @ New Mohawk! TRHS Families Facebook Page: where there will be updates and announcements about summer get togethers.
  • End of Year Party at New Mohawk at Pioneer Park June 6th, 1pm-4pm– prepared to get wet! Ms. Sarah has plans!! Bring a covered dish or snack. New Mohawk Yearbooks will be available for purchase for $15.
  • End of the Year Party at Commons Beach for the Truckee group, June 7, 11am-2:30pm.
  • Last day of schooling June 9th!
  • If you need assistance re-registering, please contact us at New Mohawk!
  • Ms. Joy, one of our wonderful teachers, is offering a Summer Camp (not affiliated with TRHS) for grades 3 and up. Dates are June 14, 15, 21, 22 and July 5, 6, 12, 13. Time 10am-3pm. First come, first serve basis. $40 per day (sibling discount available.) Enjoy academics, art, nature, reading, games and fun! Contact Ms. Joy directly if interested.
  • Several families at the New Mohawk site would like to have a standing Park Day once per week this summer at Pioneer Park in Nevada City. Mondays at 10am. Come when you can!

We’ll also be revamping our library system and our website this summer. Keep in touch on Facebook at

Much love and learning,

TRHS Staff


KTKE 101.5 FM Interview with Dr. Jaynie Aydin

An Alum’s View on TRHS

Note: In the spirit of transparency, the following view on TRHS is by my son Colin, who was a student of TRHS. He is now 18 and attending Sierra College. Feedback such as this piece from stakeholders like our students, parents, staff, alumni and community members is invaluable to the school as we work toward charter renewal.

Every charter school in California must present its charter to a school district, county office of education or the State Board of Education every five years for renewal/re-authorization. Our current charter expires at the end of this school year. So, we have been working to revise and to update our charter in the hope for renewal. As always, feedback and testimonials from stakeholders help in the planning and oversight of our school. Want to know more about how a charter school operates? Check out California Charter Schools Association’s FAQs.

We know you have a lot of educational choices. Thank you for choosing to be a part of our community. You may reach me at or Dr. Jaynie Aydin at
~Ms. Colette Finkbiner, TRHS media/business tech.

I am writing to relate my experience attending Twin Ridges Home Study Charter School and what I gained from it. I was a student at Twin Ridges from 1st grade through 8th grade, and I believe that by attending this school I was given a special opportunity not held by my peers in traditional schools; I was given the opportunity to learn in a distinctly unique and personalized way which took into account all aspects of my life. This was, in my opinion, of great benefit to both my education and my personality.

Twin Ridges not only allowed my parents and me to customize my education to fit our needs, but provided a wholly enriching experience. At home, my mother, acting as my teacher, and I were allowed to experiment and create new ways of schooling that would be of the most benefit to my education and growth, with an emphasis on primary sources, extremely informative field trips, and creativity. At the school, there was an atmosphere of family; parents discussed with each other and with supervising teachers which methods work and which didn’t. Over the course of years, students and teachers alike became friends in a close-knit environment that fostered and encouraged intellectualism and creativity. Teachers approached learning in fun, inventive, and stimulating ways that engaged students, such as an interactive history class which included a section in which we role-played as people from the time period being discussed, using cooking as a way of teaching us about other cultures and language, or using fun hands-on projects, such as making our own hot air balloons, as a way to teach physics. My peers helped me learn as well, as they themselves had their own unique educational experiences. Thanks to our surroundings, many of my peers and I had a great deal of emotional intelligence and insight which I believe is somewhat unique to our experience.

I never felt discouraged while at Twin Ridges. I believe that enrolling me in this school was one of the best choices my parents could have made. My mother, my teachers at the school, and my exceptional peers all contributed to a school in which I was encouraged to grow emotionally, express myself, and develop a great curiosity about the world around me.

I hope I have accurately conveyed my experience as a student at Twin Ridges Home Study. It is something that was of great significance to my development and schooling.

Colin Egolf, TRHS alumnus

Colin and his parents during the Sutter’s Fort overnight with TRHS, circa 2008.

TRHS Community Events

Here we go- we are doing it again!!! It’s the season to spread the kindness ♥.
SOLE HOPE is a Non Profit organization, that helps create jobs to shoemakers and tailors, while providing shoes to help kids in Uganda. So, we will be cutting shoes and writing notes to these kids ♥.
Where: Twin Ridges Home Study-Nevada City
When: Friday, December 2, 11am-3pm
What to bring:
Blue jeans
Fabric scissors
Large Safety pins
Black sharpie markers
Plastic – items such as milk jugs, thin plastic folders, laundry detergent bottles, 2 liter soda bottles, etc.

Also, there will be a Donation Box- SOLE HOPE is in need of :
Stickers for the children
Large Safety Pins
Surgical Gloves
Cotton Balls
Medical Tape
Antibiotic Cream
Band Aids

That will be a wonderful day of kindness and I am so happy, that our kids will be a part of the community, making a difference and helping other kids ♥ ♥ ♥


Twin Ridges Families November/December Activities


2nd Annual Farm Day for 2-3 Grades






Park in the main lot and proceed to gate 4.

*This field trip is intended for you to drop off your student with Ms. Sarah, but if you wish to attend with your student, let us know.*



  • Bring snacks, water and sack lunches. Ms. Sarah will have a cooler to store lunches.
  • Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes. There will be lots of walking!
  • Bring food and extra water!
  • There will be hands-on demonstrations and exhibits.
  • If your child attends enrichment at New Mohawk, he/she will miss that day of enrichment but has this unique opportunity to learn about agriculture hands-on with other children the same age!

From the Sierra Harvest website:

2nd Annual Farm Day ~ Seeds for Life


Nevada County Ag in the Classroom will host their 2nd Annual Farm Day ~ Seeds for Life on September 22, 2016 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.  The event will host 2nd and 3rd grade students and their teachers and chaperones from many different local schools for a day of fun hands-on experiences where lessons of agriculture are taught in the context of local farms and ranches. Each station that the students visit will be hosted by Nevada County businesses, professional organizations, volunteers, and FFA students!

Nevada County Ag in the Classroom is a local, grassroots collaboration of ranchers, farmers, agriculture teachers and students, businesses, food networks, and community volunteers who provide quality agriculture-related educational resources, programs, and training opportunities.

Date: September 22, 2016

Time: 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Location: Nevada County Fairgrounds

Education is Outstanding

by Kiely, TRHS student

The power of education is outstanding.  Wisdom is so strong; it can push astronauts to the moon. It helps people find things that were hidden by ignorance. Learning exposes you to the awesome, interesting world around you.

Knowledge plays a major role in life. It is like the star of a play or movie. Without the star, the production can’t go on. It’s the same way in life. Without education, you may not be inspired to try new things and wouldn’t be able to have a fulfilling career. Whether you want to be a doctor or a scientist, or help get rid of invasive species affecting a certain area, school will help you do it.

Learning leaves excitement in the air. When you are studying a historical event, you’re excited to find what the outcome was.  When examining biodiversity, you gain understanding about how all organisms communicate, despite the fact that they are different species. When you wake up in the morning, you are excited to discover even more about whatever subject fascinates you.

Education gives you useful skills that will help you in life, like getting an awesome job, and exercising your brain. Knowledge brings out your personality, and makes you who you are. Learning introduces you to an infinite universe of interests. Just as telescopes help you see the rings of Saturn, wisdom helps you see things you otherwise wouldn’t.


Drawing Club at New Mohawk

Middle School Students Grades 5-8

Come join Ms. Trina on Tuesdays at the Nevada City site for the TRHS sketching club. We will practice using our observational life drawing skills using plaster casts and may even on occasion head outdoors to draw en plein air.  Ms. Trina will do short demonstrations but mostly this will be a non-instructed opportunity to get together and improve our drawing skills!

Time: 10-12 Tuesdays

Meeting Dates for Fall Semester:

9/6/16, 9/13/16, 9/20/16, 9/27/16,


Accessing the Pathways Parent Portal

Hello Families,

A new opportunity for us this school year is to access your Student Activity Log (the daily check off calendar) on the Parent Portal.

This may be accessed from the homepage of the school website –click the Pathways tab in the upper right corner. This will redirect you to the Twin Ridges login page-enter your user name and password (the same one you used for Online Registration) and enter. Please email Michelle— if you need a user name and password reminder.

From your Household page, click on Activity Log under student name. You’ll see the calendar for the current learning period-simply click on completed subjects and click- SAVE Changes. You can save changes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis-however it best will work for you-the Sign and Archive option will only be accessible at the end of the learning period.

What’s great about this option is the ability for families to have all required paperwork completed prior to meeting with your teacher at the end of each learning period. This will really streamline the monthly meetings. Your teacher can help you navigate the Parent Portal the next time we meet.


The Twin Ridges Home Study Staff

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